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Logo: North Pembrokeshire Transport Forum


  • The Forum works to improve integrated transport systems in North Pembrokeshire which suit the needs of travellers using trains, buses, community transport, bicycles and feet!
  • Our vision is that local people and visitors can travel to, from and within this beautiful rural area using alternatives to the private car.
  • Our work is directed by the Executive Committee and supported by our Individual, Family and Corporate Member/Supporters.
  • Forum members include individuals and families, chambers of trade, community and town councils, tourism businesses, community groups, as well as voluntary organisations.
  • We communicate, through our monthly News Briefings, with hundreds of individuals in government, in bodies and organisations responsible for coordinating, delivering, using, funding and planning public transport, as well as walking and cycling networks.

Join Us If You Believe…

That sustainable transport can:

  • Support economic and community life in rural communities
  • Encourage visitors to explore, stay and return to this beautiful area
  • Help protect the unique environment of North Pembrokeshire

Membership fees help the Forum

  • To carry out research and share information
  • To identify problems and propose solutions to improve public transport systems.

Call for Feedback

  • Please tell us about your experiences and your ideas about transport.  Information from travellers and would-be travellers helps us to work for improved transport systems.
  • Convincing information from members of the public can help to make a difference!

Send your comments and/or queries to the Forum Secretary: 
By post:  2 Hill Terrace, Fishguard SA65 9LU, or
By email:


Additional May 2022 News Briefing

This is an Additional News Briefing for May 2022  reporting on the Senedd Climate Change, Environment and Infrastructure Committee Bus and Rail Transport Inquiry. Download it here.

The May 2022 News Briefing is ready to download

Download the May 2022 News Briefing which is about the Senedd Climate Change, Environment and Infrastructure Committee: Examination of Bus and Rail Services.


Please click on the map below to see the area we cover.